About Andy

My philosophy has always been that Design has the power to change ...thinking, …brands, ...process, ...culture and the way we feel about the spaces we occupy.

Our purpose, as a communications design studio, is to use creativity to overcome mediocracy and challenge convention. Our commercial world doesn’t have to be samey, and we help organisations find their unique qualities, their purpose and create more meaning for their brands, people and places.

We are able to harness design for change and branding strategy, to show how creative thinking has a place in the boardroom (with behavioural and motivation cues that drive performance), as well as in brand marketing, culture and spaces.
Design thinking is a process that will unlock hidden value and make it easier to communicate, whatever the end application.

We enjoy using design to improve purpose and meaning. Our clients love finding that purpose and meaning too.

Strategic skills

Years of hands-on creative experience supported with academic modelling of a Master’s in design and branding strategy, with big agency experience for global clients like Natwest, Disney, Harley Davidson, Warner Brothers, Toyota and Marks & Spencer, means efficient solutions for today's communications bottlenecks.

That combination helps organisations tackle business and creative challenges. We help SMEs strategically reposition themselves to increase awareness and accelerate growth. In one case, this helped an engineering start-up grow turnover from £30K to £450K, an achievement recognised with a World Rebrand Award.

That same experience allows organisations to connect company philosophy with their values for better understanding from internal teams, helping create stunning and inspirational workplace environments for better brand alignment.

Production work

All creative work is produced in our studio or by our production teams and partners. Project work is managed, from print and digital to our awesome interior spaces. Working with a great team of freelance colleagues and production specialists, we have the skills and media disciplines to not only create the ideas but make them happen.

Please get in touch if you are curious and we'll show you how to take your brand to exciting new places, and spaces!


The Chartered Society of Designers

ReBrand 100

World's 100 Best and Most Effective Rebrands

Corporate Vision Awards
Best for Wall Design Services - South East 2016.
Award for Excellence in Brand Development Strategy - South East 2016.

A©ID (Anti Copying In Design)

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