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Design, change management and brand workshops

The main challenge facing many organisations today is how to ensure their activities are customer focused and their strategy externally driven. Today’s changing business environment drives the continual search for competitive advantage, and these workshops are designed to provide delegates with the knowledge, tools and techniques to achieve this.

Powerful, innovation and brand sessions.
By bringing together strategic and creative thinking to harness an opportunity, these sessions will provide the tools and knowledge to allow you to position your business, product or service to create value, performance and appeal to customers.
Delivering a structured, methodical framework will allow tangible reference points to take your brand to the forefront of your customers’ minds. Learn how to engage with your customers, how to be more distinctive in your sector, and gain market share with these powerful bitesized, focussed sessions.

Most of us are familiar with the basics, but if it's all a bit confusing, here's a 4 minute reminder of the why brands matter:

Here's a couple more videos that explain the basics and, start to dig a little deeper into some of the strategic considerations:

Brand building... Where do we start?

Challenging times are a good opportunity to review the way you connect with your customers, and take stock of your digital brand marketing.

Learn how to audit your brand marketing efforts and gain a few more tools with this virtual power session.

Groups of 4-6. For all sectors. (inc SME Tech & LifeSci)


Where do we find our ideal customers?

Remember, most importantly, you are not your customer.

Learn how to build perfect customer profiles to help target your digital brand marketing. Virtual power session.

Groups of 4-6. For B2b SMEs.


Find and understand your brand values

You’ve been asked about your brand guidelines and realise you need to know a little more about the values driving your company's brand.

Learn how to look and create the right values for your brand. Avoid overused place holders such as Quality, Innovation, Creativity...etc. Virtual power session.

Groups of 4-6. All B2b sectors.


Re branding during times of change

Change happens, fact.

It’s an opportunity to review and reflect how your service, product or organisation is performing. This session looks at the current change and challenges facing many of us and provides tools to help structure your decisions for beneficial change. You may be okay, you may need a few tweaks or you may think of building a more robust brand strategy.
Virtual power session.

Groups of 4-6. Professional Services.


Accelerate product and service time to market

Overcome market adoption. Marketing disruptive innovation. For Tech and LifeSci organisations who want to take products to market. A tough ask or simply looking for the right models? Find out how with this session. Virtual power session.

Groups of 4-6. BioTech, LifeSci, Tech.


Tools to create brand guidelines

In this session we’ll cover the most common questions: Why bother? Where do I start? How do I establish authentic brand guidelines? How should we communicate these? Why should we bother? Virtual power session.

Groups of 4-6. All sectors.


What is our specific plan?

(i.e. our roadmap and actionable timeline?)

Learn the tools to create your marketing plan. Learn how to align with your sales team. Discover what to do and how to implement a strategic, brand marketing plan.

Groups of 4-6. B2b SMEs, suitable for Tech and LifeSci.


Product and service innovation

In this session, you’ll understand more about brand psychology and your customer pain points. You’ll discover how to identify them and what to do next about them.

Groups of 6-8. Established organisations. For marketing & Sales teams.


Bespoke & custom sessions (Make them your own)

Sector specific sessions to tacklekey challenges facing changing landscapes. Understand how to brand for awareness andincreased sales. Please contact for more info.

Groups of 6-8. Brand building and planning for change.


Brand naming tools

Where do you start? What makes a great brand name? Will our brand name gain traction? Brand naming is more than a hatful of suggestions. Learn how to create shortlists and develop a distinctive and relevant brand name, decide which ones to take forward, avoiding those subjective influences.

Groups of 4-6. SME and Tech & LifeSci.


Providing value

If you understand your customers, you are best placed to reach out and communicate well. Learn key points that will inform your marketing value propositions and steer meaningful campaigns.

Groups of 6-8. Sales & Marketing teams.


Service brand strategies during the pandemic

How do you brand your service when your customers are cutting back on spending? Improve brand awareness by learning how to market
your services.

Groups of 6-8. Marketing and Sales teams.


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