Design insight to grow

– Brand audits and diagnosis
– Ideation (workshops and practical)
– Design & branding Strategy
– Design and brand management
– Product and service innovation
– Opportunity scoping
– Competitor audits
– Customer analysis and psychographics
– Trend analysis
– Market and landscape assessment
– Brand marketing action planning and implementation
– Touchpoint strategy

Branding that connects

– Brand research, analysis, positioning
– Brand definition, expression and implementation strategy
– Brand identity
– Branded spaces & interiors that inspire staff & customers
– Products & Services that get noticed (Specialist HE Faculty & school positioning)
– Brand architecture and structure
– Brand naming
– Implementation; Digital, print, large format graphics and interior space planning

Creativity that inspires

– Brand expression and execution of strategy work
– Art direction
– Photography (Specialists for product, people and places)
– Copywriting (Technical & Communications)
– Illustration
– Design and artwork studio
– Agency service for production and delivery (Print, Digital, Interiors/Spaces)
– Specialist for branded spaces, offices and interiors

Workshops and bitesized sessions

– Understanding your customers: motivations, cues and needs
– How do you take your employees with you? (Brand and Culture)
– Aligning your service with your brand (Avoiding that brand gap!)
– Taking products and services to market (Finding distinction and relevance)
– Discover competitive advantage (Know why and how you different then, show it!)
– Branding Strategy (For design agencies)
– Product and service innovation (Introduce new and exciting products and service)
– Brand expression & Identity – What's your purpose and what should that look like?