Building and activating a construction sector brand

Designing and amplifying a construction brand for better stability and growth.

Treloar Ltd, storage tank rentals, wanted to know how to create an image and build a reputation to align with their ambitious growth plans.

The TERRATANK® range from Treloar. Smarter liquid management.

Treloar Ltd work in the environmental sector hiring out large liquid storage tanks for the construction industry. They realised by hiring rather than selling they avoided peaks and troughs associated with seasonal sales.

With ambitious growth plans, they knew their sales targets but didn’t know how to harness the potential of their brand assets to drive that growth. Griib Design looked at what brand assets needed to be amplified, how they were being applied, and what assets were truly distinctive. (In research by JKR and IPSOS only 15% of 5,000+ brand assets tested were truly distinctive)

The first principle of branding is recognition, i.e. knowing who is talking to you. Starting with a fresh research benchmark, audience surveys confirmed their brand needed amplification to reach their desired audiences. We set goals to be in the top 5% of liquid storage tank hire firms. (Studies show presenting brands consistently across all platforms can increase revenues by up to 23% - YouGov 2021. Focus on measuring brand salience.)

We also needed to create more trust and confidence, since industrial brands are built on relationships which take longer to build. A review of the brand assets tightened usage and managed the brand’s expression (logos can deliver trust and status. But the best logos don’t just tell us something; they take us somewhere – jkrglobal). Another identified strength was their innovation and expertise, and social channel awareness was able to manage those innovative associations.

Griib Design helped Treloar to understand its brand (TERRATANK®), provided clarity to understand its sector strengths and its distinction, and amplified its brand assets by repositioning to communicate.

The company is now performing within the top 5% of tank hire companies in the UK and expanding at the desired rate.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about the process used to amplify this brand, thank you.