Design that makes new connections

Design to make new business connections

When growing, moving from pop-ups to larger spaces can be daunting. With considered design to maximise impact, good returns can be achieved.

Making new connections

Furncare offer inspiring environments to care communities. Their brand of Freedom, Enjoyment and Status means designing care home furniture that extends luxury living into an ageing population.

It was a big jump from several pop-up exhibition stands to a dedicated 4.5m x 4m exhibition space, so maximising ROI when designing their stand and visitor engagement was important.

By turning the exhibition space into a luxury room set with video narrative and of course, coffee!, made an inviting and stunning space come alive.

This is a recent project (Oct 19) so ROI is ongoing, however 57 qualified leads (not just email addresses), of which 80% is new business, is a great start.

The stand looked great too!